Churches in Ghana are becoming too many – Dada KD

September 11, 2018

Popular Ghanaian musician, Dada Kwakye Duah, widely known as Dada KD, has disclosed that churches in Ghana are becoming too many.

According to Dada KD, he does not understand why Ghanaians play too much with Christianity. He explained that these days people set up churches and insist that they are called by the Almighty.

Responding to a question on Happy FM’s ‘Showbiz Xtra pucnhlines’ about Sam Korankye Ankrah’s statement that Pastors who bleach are false Prophets, he said, “Ghanaians play too much with Christianity because anyone can just get up and open a church and declare that they were called by God”

“If really God has sent his only son to come and die for our sins and God has given everyone the power to become sons and daughters of God, then Jesus is our brother so why then do we need to worship Jesus?”

The ‘Fatia Fata Nkrumah’ hit maker, Dada KD, further explained that, “in Ghana we claimed that we are worshiping Jesus. It’s all a lie. Every community you go, there are lots of churches because everyone is calling themselves men of God. It’s all about talent not the calling of God. I really pity our mothers and sisters, because they usually seems to be the victims of these so called men of God. They feel they have suffered so much in life so all they want to do is to spend all their lives in the church and continue to sow seed” he indicated.

The highlife musician Dada KD, however spoke about offering and seed sowing in churches, stressing that the rich do not pray much as compared to the poor.

“When you go to church and there is an issue of sowing seed, there is a statement in the local twi dialect, that whatever you sow, you will reap.

If you go to bigger churches and sow a seed of Ghc100 and a rich person sow Ghc10,000 even look at how they pray, and compare how you pray. Advise yourselves” he clarified.

Source: Urica Davies/Happy FM

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