Nunum, Aponkye abodwese & Basil leaf: Spiritual & physical benefits

May 11, 2021

Whoever answers to nature’s call, pour urine on, pours hot water on, spits on or near any plants or herbs should not expect to receive any remedy or benefit from the uses of herbs when they need help because nature will treat you the same way since there is the law of karma. Watch

There is a purpose as to why everything exists or created. The plants, the rivers, the rocks and all that is consist of nature has its own purpose to which it was created so we should be fair with nature as human being if we want to benefit from all that. 

Just as the scent leaf is noted for emergencies in the physical, in the same way does it work in the spiritual in that bathing with the scent leaves will help keep bad energy away from our lives. with the Disciple on spiritual drive and our guest Dr. Shalomo Lartey Laryea from Gyedie Herbal Centre teaches us more on the uses of the scent leaf and other leaves.

Watch the video below.


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