Obofour is a weed smoker - Obinim’s son claims in latest video

October 21, 2018

According to Kobby, who claims to be the spiritual son of so-called Angel Daniel Obinim, Founder and Leader of International God’s Way Church, Obofour has been “fooling” towards Obinim, which he described as unfortunate. In the video, Kobby claimed that Obofuor is who he is today because of the “grace” of Obinim, and lamented that Obofour has failed to credit Obinim for everything he owns, making him ungrateful.

According to Angel Obinim Ba Kobby, Oboufor, for a reason, was cast out by his own spiritual father, Osofo Obama, making him run to Obinim for help which the latter did. “You Obofuor came crying at the feet of Angel Obinim to save you which he did. Why then do you sit on TV to insult the spiritual world president? (referring to Obinim),” Obinim Ba Kobby said in the Twi language. He added that Obinim held nothing back from Obofour and also help him by performing some spiritual exercises at his church premises to save Obofuor’s church, but now Obofuor is calling Obinim names after he “survived”. Obofour’s behaviour, according to Obinim Ba Kobby, is as a result of excessive weed smoking. According to him, Obofour needs to stop smoking in order to have a sound mind to stop insulting Obinim.

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YEN.com.gh, however, cannot independently confirm if Obofour indeed smokes weed. The two controversial self-acclaimed men of God have often been in the news for one controversy and another. In an earlier report by YEN.com.gh, Obofour asked his wife to display her body to his church members for them to know that she has “goodies”. Obofour was also in the news for sponsoring his wife to India for holidays after he threw a lavish birthday party for her. Meanwhile, Obinim has also been in the news for performing some “wonders” including storming his church wearing a woman’s wig to preach.

Source: YEN.com

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