Yaa Kankan, Guoko & Tuta plants: Three most powerful herbs

May 04, 2021

Nature is such that our bodies take in oxygen when we breathe in and we releases carbon dioxide when we breathe out. Plants also absorb the carbon dioxide that we breathe out and release the oxygen that we need to breathe in during photosynthesis. Watch

This tells us that we need to have plants and herbs in our environment as human beings because plants give us life and when trees die, people also die.

Clickradiogh.com/Clicktv Killa with Killa Boobo on spiritual drive and the guess, Dr. Shalomo Lartey Laryea from Gyedie Herbal Centre shares more on how to benefits from these herbs.
Watch the video below for more details.

Source: Clickradiogh.com/Clicktv

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